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Good To The Last Drop (Void Where Prohibited)

contraindicated for use with/for/by humans
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I write things. Also bang on things, digitally manipulate things (take that as you will), and occasionally squirrels try to assassinate me.

!kung, 3d, aceyalone, alan moore, anthropology, art, audio engineering, babalon, babalon the band, babalon the coloring book, bad diction, baguazhang, bard college, bass, beating friends with sticks, bill hicks, bisexual, centers of pestulance, chasing the wish, chigung, coltrane, contradition, counterculture, crowley, css, cuddleslut, curiously lithe bisexual ninjas, curiously strong mints, das ich, deconstructing language, defying expectations, deontology, devouring souls, disinfo, donkey kong, dose one, drums, eco, evolving media network, fantomas, film, grant morrison, graphic design, guitar, helper monkeys, henry rollin's neck, honey, huxley, incoherent self-referential writing, indie film, join my cult, joseph campbell, keepn it real, kickin it old skool, king crimson, kittiefriends, kundalini, kundera, lipstick lesbians, lunar yonic initiations, magick, manic depression, maynard james keenan, mike patton, monk, mr bungle, music, mythology, neil gaiman, nietzsche, nlp, non-existant secret societies, ontological terrorism, opiated orgies, oral sex, oto bashing, philosophy, photoshop, polyamory, post modern philosophy, production, promotion, psychology, qabbalah, questioning everything, roleplaying, salvia, sca, sex magick, shaolin, sleeping, snuggle hos, solar phallic cults, space lizards, stretching, taoist alchemy, tarot, thelema, tool, twitching uncontrollably, unnecessary-midriff-baring-lj-icons, virgin-whore complex, visual art, voltron, warren ellis, watching movies, xingyi, yoga